“Eyes of Lyzza” by Edmonton band The Dabs. We once again found ourselves in a unique situation to create an environment from scratch that fits the feel and message of the song. We once again were able to find a home that was weeks away from being demolished and were able to totally transform it…Read More Here!

Creating The Environment One of the most important things to us at Randompath, is to create a viewer experience where you can get lost inside of a world of the character. In a few of our music videos, we have had the occasion to get our hands on houses that were very close to being…Read More Here!

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Shooting Underwater The process of shooting underwater can be a challenging one. Earlier this year the Randompath team took to the waters at the YMCA to gather footage for a commercial that we were putting together for Floatique; a sensory deprivation company out of Edmonton. The concept of the video was to contrast imagery of…Read More Here!

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