Production Process


Upon reaching out to the Randompath creative team, the first course of action would be a face to face meeting in order to assess what it is you want and what you look to gain from the finished product. We find out what kind of timeline that you are dealing with and then we move to the Action Plan.



We can now present to you the plan attack for your video, and with this information we can then provide an accurate fee for the project.

Once you have agreed on the pitch and the corresponding price of the project, we draw up a contract and request the agreed upon deposit, and then we get to work on pre-production.



After we begin the pre-production of a video, we start with securing any talent, locations, or special equipment that may be needed for your project. We build a tight schedule for all of the required filming and then setup to shoot!



This is where the magic happens. Shooting may happen over a single day or may be spread out over several days and locations.



Once filming has come to a close, we begin working on the edit for the video. We work hard on completing a “skeleton” edit, which includes all of the content that will be included in your video, minus any VFX, music or colour grading.

When this “skeleton” edit is finished we again will meet face to face with you to discuss any possible changes to the foundation of the video. Taking notes of any concerns, we get to work on these updates and we move the video into the final stage of the process.



The video will go through a final round of revisions, adding any video effects, motion graphics, music, and the final colour grade.

We deliver the final video to you after one last viewing at which time we will present you with the invoice.


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